Angels Angels is a sex worker advocacy group consisting of sex trade workers, and, our supporters. We believe that sex trade workers have the same rights as any other Canadian under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

We advocate for a person's own choice and decision to engage in sex work, and, we are here to support this. We believe that consenting adults have a right to make consensual agreements about sex as it was in Canada until 2014.

We believe that sex trade workers have a right to work independently, or, in groups, or, with agencies. We believe that as consenting adults the Canadian government has no right whatsoever to dictate our circumstances.

We are here to equalize and put an end to all prejudice and stigma against sex trade workers, to assist workers with resources, and, safety plans for our work.

Most of all we support the 2013 Supreme Court of Canada decision in Bedford and Canada, and, that the Conservative government had no need to make subsequent rulings in the one year period afterwards to combat Human Trafficking. In doing this they have impaired the rights and safety of consensual sex trade workers, our clients, and, those whom we choose to work with.